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The Ultimate College Blog Directory | The Girl Who Does Everything

I bet I know why you are reading this right now. You are either reading this because you yourself are a college blogger or you are looking for some good college blogs to read because you are college student. If neither of those reasons is correct, it doesn’t really matter because, either way, you have found an incredible list of blogs!

I will continue to add to this list when I personally discover more college blogs or you request to have your blog added to this list. Yes, at the bottom of this list you will find a contact form where you can message me about being added!

If you’re not a blogger, that’s totally fine. Here you will discover tons of blogs that discuss topics that you currently deal with on a daily basis in college like how to survive eating dining hall food, how to decorate you tiny space, how to take the best notes and pass you classes, or even how to just get along with your roommates. Since this list will continue to grow, bookmark/favorite this page so you can always be in the loop when new blogs are added. And when you find a favorite blog, don’t be too shy to let that blogger know how awesome she is by subscribing to her email list, commenting on her blog posts, or commenting on this list to let others know what your favorites are!

So without further ado, here is that list!

A Southern Heart

Julia from A Southern Heart says this about her blog: “A Southern Heart is where my love for the way of life and culture that comes with living below the Mason-Dixon line is shown, especially the Carolina Coast.” 

Becoming O’Connell

Calee says, “Although I am no expert by any means, I am using this blog to talk beauty, college, family, and life. Watch me grow from being a college student to being thrown out to the wolves in the real world. This should be an interesting ride.” 

Bookworms in Dresses

“Bookworms in Dresses is about the lifestyle of a bookworm as she bumbles through life as an introvert and cat lady. The blog covers book reviews, bookish thoughts, style, travel, and more!”

Breakfast at Lilly’s

Jenny says, “I blog about anything and everything that inspires me. I have a passion for fashion and beauty and love sharing my ideas on the two.” 

Broke & Fabulous

This girl’s blog title is literally my life and it’s “a style blog for college-aged individuals with glamorous aspirations on a tight budget.”

Cambria Bridget

My name is Cambria and I am a twenty year old Southern California native who has been traversing through Europe for the past 10+ months. My blog is a creative space filled with my four passions: travel, lifestyle, beauty, and minimalism. I firmly believe in the ideology of mind, body, and soul and live passionately on the Lorna Jane philosophy of move, nourish, believe.”

Chicago by Meredith

Meredith is “just a girl navigating the downtown streets of Chicago and the post-grad jungle.”

Dash of Serendipity

A Dash of Serendipity is a blog about “a northern’s experience exploring the south sharing her love for fashion and life.”

Dollar Store Diva

DSD started out as a fashion and beauty blog in 2012, but has grown into a health and fitness, foodie, travel, and college life blog since then. Follow the life of a nineteen-year-old PR student living in the Boston area!”

Honestly Haley

Honestly Haley is “a blog focused on transitioning to college, photography, and various plights to avoid the freshman 15. Come check it out!” 

Kate (the Almost) Great

Kate the (Almost) Great is a blog about writing, life with a chronic illness, fashion, food, and so much more. Kate is a published author, a former high school teacher, an advocate for people with arthritis, and a twenty-something.”

Little Flecks of Gold

Little Flecks of Gold is a lifestyle blog covering everything from health and fitness to beauty to college life. I believe the littlest things can make a big difference in your life, so I try to share as many little ideas as I can, in the hopes they can do just that!”

Living, Learning, Eating

I blog about food, fashion, travel, and finding that happy, healthy balance as a recent college graduate in NYC!”

Look Through My Lens

Look Through My Lens is “a blog about art, culture, and life from a twenty-something point of view.”

Love Emmarie

“I‘m Emily. I’m an undergrad at the most amazing university on earth, Oklahoma State University, studying fashion merchandising. I’m a devoted follower of my Lord Jesus Christ. Shopping is my cardio and I like to lift some weights every once in a while…okay like everyday but who’s counting? I’m your typical girl. I have an obsession with coffee, getting dressed up makes me feel like my life is together, chocolate shakes are the way to my heart, and I believe a good TV show binge watching session is good for the soul. I blog to share my inspirations, style, tips and tricks with all of you beauts.”

Maddy Kake

On my blog, I mostly write about events happening in my life, my favorite music, TV shows, etc. and provide tips for college and occasionally high school. Some of my most popular posts have been interviews with up and coming musicians. I would say my blog is aimed towards girls in their teens and twenties to discover new interests and ideas.”

Mind of a Fashionista 

This blog is “a diverse source of fashion and style news.” Check it out for the latest fashion inspiration! 

Miss Millennial

Manda says this blog is about her “trying to help inspire others while searching for something I lost. Baking,health, motivation, and a happy life.

Morgan Grace, a la Mode

This blog is all about “Fashion, Beauty, Design, and Smashing the patriarchy. You know, just the typical college girl’s interests.”

Navy Striped Peonies

This blog is “a New Englander’s take on positivity, preppiness, pearls and peonies. I share my love of all things charming!”

Petite Maison of Fashion

This blog is an “American and French fashion & lifestyle blog. You’ll find many OOTD posts, travel tips, photography and updates on fashion trends I’m loving. Follow my closet as I travel to Paris, do day trips to Boston or my summer in California. I hope we’ll stay in touch ♥”

Positivity in Life

Positivity In Life is a blog about various things. It’s mainly about the thoughts that pop into my head, tips to help people out, all the wonderful places I’ve traveled to, and just a sprinkle of fashion at times.”

Sara Magnolia

Sara says, “My blog is the visual diary of my twenty-something years where I am balancing my collegiate years and the pursuit of stylish, satisfying living.”

Storybook Apothecary

Tianna says about her blog, “I blog all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle with a unique sense of Italian Irish sassy sarcasm, laid back Cali girl style, and an innate (nearing on obsessive) love for pretty things, film and TV, and books about futuristic dystopian societies. Original right? Yeah, that’s what I thought too 😉 While it’s true that there are many fashion and beauty blogs out there, I promise you that none are quite like mine. I aim to share the unique, quirky stories of beauty and fashion brands that I love as well as my own personal experiences with the random everyday.”

Swiss Miss Lex

At 21 years old, I have traveled to 35 countries and have lived in 5 different countries around the world so far. My blog shares my travels with pictures and videos along with fun stories and tips. I want to share my passion of travel along with what I’ve learned and inspire people to buy that ticket to their dream destination.”

The College Girl Daily

Hannah says about her blog, “I write college, career, fashion, and life advice.” 

The Fiscal Femme

Ashley says that her blog is about “demystifying the world of money and personal finance in a fun and relevant way.”

The Inspiration Closet

“The Inspiration Closet is a primarily a style blog where readers can find fashion inspiration, but I also love including beauty tips and do it yourself ideas sometimes! The point of “The Inspiration Closet” is that my readers and myself share a big closet of inspiration, where they can pull ideas from, just like a pair of shoes.”

The Whisper Box

The Whisper Box is a mix of pop culture and entertainment. There you’ll find playlists, monthly pop culture roundups and more!”

The Workher

The Workher is a survival guide for young working women. From issues to advice and inspiration, it is a community to help female professionals navigate all things work related.”

The Kelfix

Kelechi  says that her blog is “is a college lifestyle blog but I think it goes a bit further than that. It is a blog for the young woman by another young woman. On my blog I never claim to be perfect or to be a guru which I think it’s the general appeal of it. I’m a real young woman just like my readers and I go through life and just share my experiences with them like an older sister or best friend would.”

Wanderlust in the Midwest

Wanderlust in the Midwest aims to inspire young travelers to step out of their comfort zone and explore the world. A combination of photography, travel anecdotes, and city- and country-specific tips, this blog serves as a resource to students abroad, backpackers on a budget, and seasoned travelers alike.”

When Grey Skies Are You

Kathleen says, “My blog is always evolving and growing in areas of fashion, life and style. My blog strives to promote positive self image to women (and men too) of all ages while showcasing my personal style!”

*last updated July 30, 2016


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