60 Tips Every College Girl Needs to Know

Before I started college last year, I wanted to be over prepare for whatever came my way. I wrote color coordinated lists of things I needed to pack, I made sure I had an outfit for every weather situation that could possibly happen, and I made sure I read every single article I could find

Freedom From Your Sadness

Tips to help you lift your mood *Before you start reading this I just want to warn you that it isΒ very long. I have so much I want to say and so many things that I think can be helpful to you in your time of trial. So, if you feel you just need to

How to Write a Thank You Note

  With Thanksgiving time upon us and Christmas right around the corner, what better way to prepare for the holidays than to refresh yourself on the art of writing the perfect thank you note (yes, the art of Β thank you note writing is a thing.). Thank you notes aren’t just for when you receive gifts.