This Is My Life Planner Review

Every year I always have so many New Year’s resolutions, but a shamefully have to say that I rarely keep any of them. I am not a very organized person and I always want to do so many things (hence the name of my blog, The Girl Who Does Everything). This year I am planning

How to Write a Thank You Note

  With Thanksgiving time upon us and Christmas right around the corner, what better way to prepare for the holidays than to refresh yourself on the art of writing the perfect thank you note (yes, the art of  thank you note writing is a thing.). Thank you notes aren’t just for when you receive gifts.

Thankful Thursdays | v.3

Even the midst of chaos and complete insanity I can still always find something to thank God for! This week has been a test of my patience and faith in God. It’s been so busy I have only found time today to post. So here is my fancy little list of the things I’m thankful

College Girl’s Healthy Grocery List

It’s reached that point of the semester. That time when sickness is going around to every dorm room. That time when all of your projects are due on the same day so you become a “dorm person” and never leave your room except for classes and the occasional meal. That time when you finished paying

FIVE TO THRIVE – Forgivness

I’m really excited to start this series mainly because it will help me more than it will help you. This post is about forgiveness, which is definitely one of my weaknesses. Honestly, the greatest truth I learned from studying the Scripture for this article is that I must forgive others because Christ forgave me of so much.

She Loved Much – A Devotional on Loving Jesus

How would you explain the word “love”? Would it be something along the lines of caring for a family member or a really close friend? Maybe when you think of “love” you think of the relationship between sweethearts or a husband and wife. Maybe you would say that you love ice cream, or a certain

thankful thursdays | v. 2

I hate making excuses for reasons why I missed a post, but I had a crazy week last week so I wasn’t able to make my “Thankful Thursday” post of the week. But that’s okay, because this week I will be dubling my list to 20 things I’m thankful for! ———————————————— 1. Missions Conference 2.

Makeup Must-Haves: Foundation

    When I first started wearing makeup, which was about four years ago, I would test out so many products to make sure they worked for me. I have very sensitive skin and I break out pretty easily so it’s hard to find makeup that doesn’t irritate my skin, that gives me plenty of

Growing in Grace Series: FIVE TO THRIVE

This past week I had three projects due and I felt so completely overwhelmed with all the work I had to do along with Missions Conference and an activity to Santa Monica at the end of the week. I had literally no down time and very little time to work on anything for the blog.

Lancaster Baptist Missions Conference Recap

This past week at Lancaster Baptist Church was so amazing. I had the privileged of attending the Missions Conference. Never have I experienced a conference so great as this one. My home church is much smaller than LBC so we only host four missionaries at our conference as opposed to their thirty missionaries and church