The Question Mark Challenge

I struggle. Everyday. With every little thing.   I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. I struggle to make my hair cooperate with the varying weather conditions. I struggle pay attention in class when my mind wanders elsewhere. I struggle to balance my everyday schedule with school, work, homework, sleep, and other

60 Tips Every College Girl Needs to Know

Before I started college last year, I wanted to be over prepare for whatever came my way. I wrote color coordinated lists of things I needed to pack, I made sure I had an outfit for every weather situation that could possibly happen, and I made sure I read every single article I could find

10 Ways to Stay Inspired Using Pinterest

I think if you  have been reading my blog for any length of time you would know what my favorite social media site is. Pinterest Visit alayna marley cramer’s profile on Pinterest. I know. I am probably a little obsessed. Maybe I waste a little too much time using it. But I do know that

The BEST Ever College Study and Note Taking Tips

The Ultimate List of Tools, Tips, and Tricks for Making Sure You Are Getting the Most of Your Education     I haven’t even finished my freshman year of college and I have already learned SO MUCH about studying and taking notes and getting good grades. If you haven’t started college yet, believe me, college

Valentine’s Day Recap

This Valentine’s Day for me was so sweet! And not just because I had a “valentine” this year (but that is still pretty awesome.). This Valentine’s Day was my first away from home and at college and I thought I would have a boring day. But it wasn’t and I even have two Valentine’s Day

Six Adorable Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (seriously, it’s in less than a week!) I started getting a little excited. Mainly because I actually have a “Valentine” for the first time this year (Yay! No more Singles Awareness Day for me!). For the past few days I was looking up cute love quotes on Pinterest

Five Reasons Why Dating Your Guy Best Friend Is the Best!

  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (literally just a couple weeks away, guys!) I thought I would write a little post about relationships. No, I’m no expert, but I just want to share a silly little collection of my thoughts about dating your “guy best friend”.     Dating your guy best friend

Eight Ways You Can Earn Money Online!

Lately, I have noticed my bank account getting smaller and smaller. No, I haven’t been spending extravagant amounts of money on new clothes, nice jewelry, new electronics, or fancy restaurants. I started paying for my college bill this year and I didn’t have a job last during my first semester. {Sigh}…right now I really dislike