Thankful Thursdays | v.3

Even the midst of chaos and complete insanity I can still always find something to thank God for! This week has been a test of my patience and faith in God. It’s been so busy I have only found time today to post. So here is my fancy little list of the things I’m thankful

College Girl’s Healthy Grocery List

It’s reached that point of the semester. That time when sickness is going around to every dorm room. That time when all of your projects are due on the same day so you become a “dorm person” and never leave your room except for classes and the occasional meal. That time when you finished paying

thankful thursdays | v. 2

I hate making excuses for reasons why I missed a post, but I had a crazy week last week so I wasn’t able to make my “Thankful Thursday” post of the week. But that’s okay, because this week I will be dubling my list to 20 things I’m thankful for! ———————————————— 1. Missions Conference 2.

thankful thursdays | v. 1

This semester has been so crazy for me mainly because I’m a college freshman, I’m taking 18 credits, and I’m still adjusting to life as a real adult! That’s weird for me to think, but I have to get used to being an adult sooner or later. Anyway, I’ve noticed in my life that I