I’m Starting a Vlog!

I'm Starting a Vlog! | The Girl Who Does Everything blog

Surprise! I have been a silent around here for a little while not only because I have been busy with getting ready to go back to school and helping out at my church with Vacation Bible School, but I have been keeping a little secret. I started a vlog channel on YouTube! I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for a little while but have been hesitant because I was worried that I would fail and that others would think it’s weird. When I finally got over myself and filled my road trip with my friends I decided that I wanted that to be my first vlog and I posted it on YouTube today. So, consider yourself lucky that you are all seeing this first because I won’t be announcing this on my Facebook page until tomorrow.

In the coming weeks on my blog you can expect to see some posts about how to start a YouTube channel, what tools I use to edit videos, etc. I’m no expert, but since I am starting this journey of vlogging I think it will be a help to you all to share some of my findings along the way.

Here is my FIRST EVER vlog! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss a video!