The Question Mark Challenge

The Question Mark Challenge

I struggle. Everyday. With every little thing.


I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. I struggle to make my hair cooperate with the varying weather conditions. I struggle pay attention in class when my mind wanders elsewhere. I struggle to balance my everyday schedule with school, work, homework, sleep, and other prominent responsibilities in my life.


But I also struggle with more important things, too. I struggle to spend consistent time with God. I struggle to make that time for Him every day. And even when I do have my devotions, I sometimes struggle to actually remember and apply what I just learned that morning about God.


I don’t struggle with these things because I am apathetic towards God. I don’t struggle to make time for Him because I am lazy (although I am not going to pretend that that is not the case some of the time). I struggle with my walk with God because I am human. Of course, I want to spend time with God because I love Him. I want to learn more about Him. I want to have a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. I want the time I get to spend with Him every day to change my life


And it can. I just have to let it.


But how can I allow God’s Word to change my life if I am not always thinking of what I learned from studying God’s Word?


So that is why I have done this. I gave myself a challenge. A “reminder to remember.”


The question mark.


This symbol I have written on my hand is something I have decided to use as a tool to remind me to pause and think about what I read in God’s Word that day.


Why a question mark?


Well, just reading the Bible isn’t going to change my heart if I don’t apply it. So after I study the Bible, I ask myself one question that I can apply to my life that day.


Some days I keep the question the same for a whole week because I really need to apply that truth to my life. Other days I have a new truth. And on some days I have a few different applications that I meditate on throughout the day.


So what about you?


Do you need a reminder of what you studied in God’s Word? Are you willing to take the challenge?


You don’t have to write the question mark on your hand either. You can make your phone wallpaper a question mark. You can use a sticky note. You can even just write one on the inside cover of the binder you use for class. Wherever you put it is up to you!


I have also decided that every Friday, I am going to share my question mark challenge of the day with others as an encouragement. Everyone should understand that every Christian struggles with something and is working to overcome it with the Lord’s help.


Are you going to share your #questionmarkchallenge, too?


I hope that using this tool will help you as much as it has helped me and I hope you make that special time to spend in God’s Word every day.