10 Ways to Stay Inspired Using Pinterest

10 Ways to Stay Inspired Using Pinterest - The Girl Who Does Everything blog

I think if you  have been reading my blog for any length of time you would know what my favorite social media site is.


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I know. I am probably a little obsessed. Maybe I waste a little too much time using it. But I do know that I would never have had so many ideas for projects and activities if I didn’t have Pinterest to inspire me! I’m not very creative and I really have a hard time coming up with my own ideas for pretty much everything. So I just browse Pinterest for a little bit and immediately get hundreds of ideas for pretty much everything I want or need to do – hence the reason I have 150 boards. I hate deleting boards after an event has passed because I don’t want to lose my collections of ideas. You will probably see I still have a board for my high school graduation part (I graduated in 2013) and a board for my Senior Formal (also in 2013). I just have a strange sentimental attachment to these boards and I feel like I might end up using these ideas again some time in the future.

Now I know some of you out there are a little skeptical of Pinterest. So I decided to help you out a little with your ideas about Pinterest. I have compiled this list of 10 ways you can stay inspired using Pinterest in your every day life. I hope you enjoy! Share this list with any of your crazy friends who still haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and convince them that they are missing out on the all this awesomeness!

1. Fashion/Makeup Inspiration

If you have ever felt like you wear the same five outfits every week, just head on over to Pinterest where there is a whole search category devoted to women’s clothing and another for men’s clothing. Here you can find articles on things like “20 Different Ways to Style a Black Maxi Dress”, “How to Cuff Your Boyfriend Jeans to Go Perfectly with Oxfords” and “13 Clothing Items Every Hipster Needs to Own”. You can even search specific clothing items and come up with hundreds of combinations for your favorite pair of turquoise pants. The possibilities are endless when you use Pinterest to help revamp your wardrobe for free.

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2. Healthy Living

Instead of spending a fortune on the P90x DVD workout kit (which you probably quit after five days, let’s be honest.) you can use Pinterest to help create a workout plan that is customized to you. Here you can find posts containing month long fitness challenges that target specific areas of the body, healthy vegan or vegetarian recipes, and even inspiration for cute workout clothes. You can also discover a new diet that you have never heard of before just by finding things that are similar to what you are already searching. Motivational workout quotes are available, too, and are just what you need to inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle.

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3. Story/Poetry Inspiration

Story writing is a hobby that does not necessarily have its own category on Pinterest but a writer can find so much inspiration just by searching for “storyboards”. Pictures, quotes, and true stories are just a few of the many things that can inspire an aspiring author. You can also find blogs and web articles that offer writing tips for all types of literature.

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4. Teaching/Coaching

If you are ever looking for bulletin board ideas, free printable flash cards, new review games, or creative ways to teach kids of all ages, Pinterest is the place for you. If you are a volleyball coach, you can find volleyball drill ideas or focused skill training routines. If you’re the head of the cheer leading squad, you will be able to find stunt ideas and stretching routines as well as fundraising ideas for new uniforms. If you’re a voice teacher, you will be able find videos on new breathing exercises. If you teach guitar, you will have access to find printable chord charts as well as articles on new ways to teach your students to read music. There are so many things you can look for to enhance your teaching career.

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5. Gift Ideas

Whether you are the type of person who only makes homemade gifts and cards or if you are the person who waits until the last minute to buy a gift, you will both find great inspiration from Pinterest in finding the perfect gift. You can find ideas on how to make a handmade watercolor birthday card for your sister, a gift basket for your next door neighbor, a knitted sweater for your grandson, a collection of “Open When…” letters for your boyfriend, or if you are the guy who doesn’t ever know what to get his wife for Valentine’s Day, you can find a gift guide of the top 10 things that women want  for Valentine’s Day.

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6. Photography/Photo Shoot Ideas

Pinterest is a great place to start getting ideas for your next family photo shoot. Whether you are the one’s posing for the pictures or if you are the one behind the camera, Pinterest has awesome ideas for creative photo shoot ideas for any kind of shoot from senior portraits to a newborn photo shoot. As a photographer, you can also find tutorials for DIY photography accessories, Photoshop tips, and reviews on the best camera to purchase to enhance your photography career.

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7. Interior Design

Whether you are moving in to your first apartment or you finally have saved enough money to finish your basement, Pinterest is the perfect place to go to start getting ideas for design. You can find tips on how to save money when buying furniture, color schemes for the new nursery, or if you are feeling really adventurous and creative, you can find a tutorial on how to build your own TV entertainment center for your “man cave”.

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8. Event planning

If weddings did not involve so much work, there probably would be no need for the Wedding search category on Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most common places to find brides preparing for their big day along with teen girls who just can’t wait to plan the wedding of their dreams. You can be your own wedding planner by finding detailed guides and charts that specify exactly what needs to get done for a wedding and how much time should be allotted for each task. Pinterest isn’t just for planning wedding. Sleepover parties, baby showers, bachelorette parties, small get-togethers, and Mother’s Day brunches are just a few of the events that you can start planning easily with just a click of the mouse. And you don’t have to worry about your sister finding out about the sweet surprise party you are planning for her. Pinterest has a “Secret Board” feature that allows only you and whoever else you would like to add to the board to see any of the pins on the board.

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9. Hobbies

Whether you are looking for patterns for your latest knitting endeavor or a design for the birthday cake you are decorating for a friend’s birthday or if you just want to find a fun new way to spend your time, Pinterest is the prime place to find new ways to expand your hobby. It’s also a great place to find hobbies for your kids, too. No more hearing “Mom, I’m bored!”

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10. Small Business Planning

If you already have a small business of your own and you are looking for new ways to expand it and make it better or if you want to start your own small business but you aren’t sure where to start, you access to so many helpful ideas on Pinterest that will help make your little business successful. If you are wanting to start a tutoring business, and online freelance writing service, an Etsy shop, or a cake decorating business, it’s possible to find so many ideas from logo design tips to certification to budget planning. Let Pinterest inspire you to start your small business and you are one step closer to becoming the small business owner you have always dreamed of.

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