Five Reasons Why Dating Your Guy Best Friend Is the Best!

Five Reasons Why Dating Your Guy Best Friend is the Best - The Girl Who Does Everything


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (literally just a couple weeks away, guys!) I thought I would write a little post about relationships. No, I’m no expert, but I just want to share a silly little collection of my thoughts about dating your “guy best friend”.

    Dating your guy best friend is literally the best! And I am talking from experience. It took me way too long to actually realize that I had feelings for my guy best friend, but I’m so glad that I finally did. I am so oblivious sometimes, it’s ridiculous!
     I am definitely a list maker of sorts so I decided to think about why my relationship with my best friend is better than everyone else’s relationships (yes, said it’s better than everyone else’s). And here are some reasons why dating my “guy best friend” is so awesome.
1. I can actually be myself around him because we have been close friends for so long. There are so many things I can say to him and things I would do around him that I would never say or do to anyone else. There are times when he is the only one who sees me without makeup or hears me screech every single song from Frozen at the top of my lungs (and he joins in, too!).
2. He is my “sarcastic soul mate”. Sarcasm is one of my many, many talents so it’s great to have someone to join in on my sarcasm with me. It’s the best thing ever to have someone with the same sense of humor. Who else is going to be the brunt of all my sarcastic comments and then totally bounce back with an even more clever remark. That’s what it’s like to have a “sarcastic soul mate”.
3. Inside jokes – enough said.  I think that it’s entirely possible to us to have an incredibly long conversation completely composed of inside jokes that we have accumulated over the years. Inside jokes are some of the greatest things about having a best friend. When other people hear them, they think we are completely insane, but we don’t really care what they think!
4. I can talk to him about anything and everything.  There are very few people that I can actually open up to when I really need to talk about something, but he is always willing to listen to me and talk. We can talk for hours upon hours to the point where I am just talking complete and utter nonsense. But he still listens anyway…even when I ramble on about how much I want to shave off all my hair because I am so done with doing my hair every day (and yes, I do always say I want to shave my head).
5. Honestly, friendship. The best thing about dating my guy best friend is that we are actually friends. Some people dive into relationships on a whim because they are attracted to each other physically or because they liked the attention of someone being interested in them, but they never developed a real friendships. We were friends first and that’s what I think has made our relationship so strong.
So, if you are ever considering “friend-zoning” your guy best friend..seriously? Do I need to give you any more reason to give the guy a chance?


  • Jenny Brown

    Great post, Alayna! I’m so lucky to be married to my best guy friend, and it’s wonderful. Half of what we say to each other is secret language-inside joke-sarcastic craziness 🙂