Eight Ways You Can Earn Money Online!

Eight Ways You Can Earn Money Online - The Girl Who Does Everything...Check out these awesome sites that help you earn some extra cash on the side!

Lately, I have noticed my bank account getting smaller and smaller. No, I haven’t been spending extravagant amounts of money on new clothes, nice jewelry, new electronics, or fancy restaurants. I started paying for my college bill this year and I didn’t have a job last during my first semester. {Sigh}…right now I really dislike money, mainly because I don’t really have much right now. But, I am going to stop being so negative and start thanking God that I have a potential job opportunity lined up for me when I get back on campus (yes, I am still on my Christmas break!).

During this past semester I was a little desperate for some spending money for necessities like shampoo and toothpaste, so I got a little curious. I had heard that some people could make money online and I wanted to know if it was actually true. So, I did what I do best. I did a little Google search (no, seriously, I am a pro at “Googling” stuff) and I found out that it is possible to make money online without having to put in too much effort. Another plus to making money online is that you don’t have to leave your home/dorm so you save money on gas or transportation fare.

Here are a few places online that you can sign up today and start making money within just a short time!

Online Surveys

Opinion Outpost

This is the first survey site that I ever signed up for and I have to say that I am pretty pleased with it so far. All you have to do is fill out a profile and they will match you with surveys that you could qualify for. Then, as you complete more surveys, that turns into points and you can cash in your points through PayPal. Most surveys take anywhere from 10-45 minutes for the most part. Also, if a survey is available that you may qualify for, you will get an email right to your inbox so you don’t have to constantly check your dashboard to see if any surveys are available. And don’t worry about not ever getting surveys. Ever since I signed up, I can honestly say that a day has not gone by that I did not get a survey opportunity sent to me. The surveys are easy because all they really want from you is your opinion. And you get your name added to a quarterly drawing for $10,000! So you could potentially win ten grand without even trying.

Mint Vine

Mint Vine is another survey program that I signed up for in addition to Opinion Outpost. The surveys don’t come as frequently, but when they are available I have little trouble completing a few at a time. This is similar to Opinion Outpost in that you receive points for completed surveys that turn into cash. Also, when you refer friends, you earn an additional 50 points to your balance when they complete their first survey plus you make 15% of what they make on all of their surveys and offers!

Social Media Platforms and Campaign Services


So I know you are probably thinking, “Ugh…another social media site that I will grow to eventually hate”. Well what if I told you that as you grow your following and share more content that you could make money? That’s right. With Tsu you earn revenue from doing things that you normally do on other social media platforms – updating your status, following other user, referring friends, posting videos and photos, liking and sharing content, etc. I have yet to make money from this site mainly because I don’t use it very often, but I will start posting content from my blog more often to see how much I can make from this site.


I just signed up for Boostinsider last week and already made $5.40 from it! That’s a lot considering I did pretty much nothing. They sent me an email about two days after I had signed up and it included a coupon code that I could redeem for $5.00 just because I signed up. The $.40 I made was literally from sending a tweet on Twitter with my referral link in it. With Boostinsider, you get paid commission per click on your campaign. Campaigns are assigned to you and you can promote them over several social media platforms. Each campaign has a set amount of money per click. Usually it’s less than $.15 per click but it does add up, especially if you make your promotion really interesting and people really like the product or app you are promoting.



With IZEA, you have the chance to bid on sponsored post opportunities that you can post on your blog. Not only are there opportunities for blogging, but also for other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Usually, you can make more money with blog posts but the thing I like about IZEA is that you can still make money even if you don’t have a blog. IZEA pays per task for most projects and not on a per click basis. For each campaign, you get the chance to bid on the project before you get accepted. The minimum for all projects is $1 and the sponsor will usually post the maximum bid amount so you have an idea of what amount to bid.


I actually just got accepted to Linqia yesterday so I haven’t gotten any sponsored post opportunities yet. This program works like IZEA in the fact that you don’t necessarily need to have a blog to complete campaigns. It’s different because you don’t have to bid on the campaigns. They are assigned to you and sent to your inbox. Also, you do make a little bit of money when your referrals get accepted to Linqia and they complete their first project.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an ad network that allows you to put ads on your blog and you get paid per click for the ads you have running on your site. I haven’t made much from Adsense yet but I guess it just honestly depends on how many page views your blog gets and how many people are interested in the ads running on your blog.

Affiliate Programs

There are so many affiliate programs out there I just haven’t found any I am ready to commit to yet.


If you don’t have a blog yet, but you want to start a self hosted one, you will probably on the search for web hosting. I currently use Host Gator and it is pretty awesome. I have had no issues with it so far and I am seriously loving the service. 

Get Started Today!

Now that you see that it is possible to earn money online, why not join the club today and see how much you can make? I’ve even made it easy for you and linked each of these sites for you. Save this post for later and sign up for as many or as few programs as you want and see how you can start making an income.

Although these online programs aren’t made for people to make a full income, they do help when you just need a little extra cash on the side. Who knows? Maybe you will just have good luck with these sites and turn your blog and online campaigns into an awesome source of income!


*This post contains affiliate links meaning that I may get compensated if a reader clicks a link, signs up for a service, or buys something from the affiliated site.*





  • These are all great ideas! I work with Linqia and always have a good time working on their campaigns!

  • Thanks for sharing! I work with Linqia and IZEA frequently but didn’t know about those survey sites (I’ve previously used InboxDollars) and social media site! Definitely going to look into those!!

  • Yeah, they are both pretty great. Do you still use InboxDollars? And was it any good?

  • Haven’t really earned a lot of money from them and and they spam my email like crazyyyyyyy!

  • Amy Edmiston

    These are good resources! I use a few myself!

  • I’m use reward style for affiliate linking but I don’t necessarily love it. xx

  • Tammy Doiel

    I am part of Izea, but haven’t done anything with them. I do make money with some affiliates–not much though. Google Adsense is my biggest moneymaker in the blog world. I also make money doing sponsored posts with Sverve every once in a while.

  • I haven’t used Sverve before. I will check that one out, too!

  • I’ve tried surveys, but I never made anywhere enough money for it to be even remotely worth it. 🙁