This Is My Year

My New Year’s Resolutions and Goals for 2015


This year is one of the first ones in a long time that I decided to make resolutions and goals. I think it was my fear of failure that kept me from making any resolutions in the past. But this year I decided to suck it up anyway and set some goals. A couple of them will be pretty easy. Most will be challenging. Some of them may make me cry from time to time (that’s just my inner drama queen coming out). So I will share my little list with you and maybe I will be able to inspire you a little to make some of your own goals. By the way, I know it is a little late to start from the first day of the year if you decided to join me on any of these resolutions, but it’s never too late to make a change in your life.


Be a vegetarian

Personally, I think I can handle this one. I don’t really ever eat pork, I rarely eat beef, I hardly ever eat any sea food, and I think I can live without chicken. I might only miss a few dishes that have chicken in them like Panda Express’s Orange Chicken, my sister’s buffalo chicken dip, and Chick-fil-a sandwiches. But I think this will be a good change for me. I wanted to go vegan just for the health benefits of it, but then I realized I would have to live without dairy products for a whole year. I’m just not ready for that much commitment in my life.

So instead of being a vegan, I decided to be a vegetarian. I think I’m doing pretty great so far. Here is my lunch from today:


  • Cucumber slices
  • Humus
  • Tomato and fresh spinach sandwich
  • Apple slices

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

Another part of my new healthy streak is to drink enough water every day. Sometimes I get so busy that I forget to actually drink anything for most of the day. And since I go to college in the desert, I really should be drinking more water than I usually do anyway.




Pray with a list

I have really wanted to get my prayer life together lately because, honestly, I have kind of been slacking. In the past I have tried to have a journal but I always forgot to write in it and I never had it when I wanted to add new requests that I hear in church.

I got this awesome app called Mobile Knee that is designed for making prayer lists. This way, I can always add new prayer requests any time I have my tablet with me and it will be so much easier to keep everything in one place.

2015-01-06 00.06.29


Finish the She Reads Truth 365 Days of Truth Plan

I have probably mentioned how much I love the She Reads Truth app and rightly so. It’s just awesome. This year launched a FREE plan (yes, I said free!) that lasts the entire year and it takes you through the whole Bible so you can finish reading it by the end of the year. Some of my friends are using this plan, too, so it’s great to help keep each other accountable.

2015-01-06 00.04.48

Work out at least three times a week

Ugh…so this one has been a struggle for me. But, I downloaded the Nike Training Club app. It lets you create your own workouts that work specifically for you. I so ready to use this app, but I haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet. And by “not getting the chance to use it” I mean I have been spending too much time catching up on Agents of SHIELD.

2015-01-06 00.07.43


Get 5oo subscribers on The Girl Who Does Everything

This one isn’t really a really a resolution, but it’s definitely a goal. So, if you haven’t subscribed yet, jump on board and sign up for more craziness and make my dreams come true!

I want to keep myself motivated so when I  post on social media about my new year’s resolutions I will use the hash tag #thisismyyear. It can be my year if I can just stay on track.