Choosing Him All Over Again

A Story of Romance and Redemption

Never have I thought of the idea of marriage more in my life until I went to Bible college this year. It’s not that I am desperate to be married during my freshman year. But it just seems like every dating couple has gotten engaged during Christmas break. Then there are all of those “freshman couples” who are already planning to get married after getting only dating for a two months. That’s slightly ridiculous, but those couples make for some really good conversation when I have nothing else to talk about!

But, now that I am an “adult” I started thinking about the possibility of being married within the next several years. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time or if you follow me on Pinterest, I’m sure you can tell that I am the girl who has been planning her wedding since she was young. I saw this quote once, and I can tell you now that I will definitely have it framed somewhere in my home one day.

I want a marriage that is more beautiful than my wedding.

I feel that sometimes girls are so captivated with the idea of having a wedding than actually having a husband and preparing for  a lifetime relationship. It seems that this generation is losing it’s desire for long term commitment. Fewer couples are actually getting married these days, and yet they still live together because they feel it’s more convenient. Many marriages are tragically ending in divorce, and many of these couples are getting married to other spouses, only to set themselves up for more heartbreak and yet another divorce.

Why do people get divorced? Sometimes people are hurt physically as a result of domestic violence. Others are hurt because their spouse cheated on them. Maybe they feel as though they married the wrong person.

For Juana Mikels, author of the book Choosing Him All Over Again, the latter was her case. In her book she unfolds the story of her failing marriage, her new found relationship with God, and her journey to mend the broken bonds with her husband. Her story of romance and redemption is captivating and convicting, even for a girl who has never tied the knot before.

What makes her story so touching is that Juana is so real. Her story, the way she writes, the way she speaks. Everything about her story is so believable, not only because the story is actually true, but she makes it personal. She wasn’t afraid to point out her faults and errors, because she knows we all have them. She didn’t leave out all the details about her emotions, because she knows we all feel them.

This isn’t just some manufactured story with a perfect plot and a predictable ending. It’s real. I may be an emotional person naturally, but I found myself in tears, even in the first few chapters. Juana is such an amazing writer and her story is just as amazing.

You can order a copy of this amazing book on Amazon and you can also download a FREE copy of the group study guide if you want to study with a group.

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Since I know you will enjoy this book as much as I did (even though I didn’t completely finish it yet) I am going to share a few inspirational quotes from the book, just in case you need further convincing to get this book!

“If only I had known about the true love that lies that lies at the center of the mystery of marriage.”


“All I knew at the time, though, was that something was wrong: terribly wrong. What could it be? Terry and I had no idea that my discovery that ‘something was missing’ would take us to places we didn’t want to go. We were both so young and foolish.”


“Maybe that’s why the Bible says of faith, hope, and love, ‘the greatest of these is love.’ I longed to be more like Christ! He was a friend like no other!”