This Is My Life Planner Review

Every year I always have so many New Year’s resolutions, but a shamefully have to say that I rarely keep any of them. I am not a very organized person and I always want to do so many things (hence the name of my blog, The Girl Who Does Everything).
This year I am planning to make very few, but obtainable goals, one of which will be to become more organized in everything. College is tough (I know all of you moms out there are shaking your heads right now) and staying organized is difficult. I can keep track of my projects a such, but sometimes I feel as though I could have found more time to do research for projects, start on my projects sooner, and study more for quizzes and tests. Then, there were other important things that I needed to do regularly, like have my devotions at a consistent time, keep my dorm room clean, do laundry regularly (and actually put clothes away), and have time to work out. Then there are other things I want to make time for like music lessons and blogging. Either way, I know I needed a planner so I could organize my time by day and week.
This planner that I found has literally been so amazing for me. Melissa at A Virtuous Woman blog has created several planners that are so specific and made for any busy person in mind. You can find all of the This Is My Life Planners here 


What I love about these planners is that they remind me of things that I rarely ever think about but I need to every day. Like, she has sections for each week that gives you space to write your daily routine for morning, noon, and night and she even has space for each day to check off to make sure you drink 8 glasses of water a day! Who even thinks about that? It’s awesome for me since I go to college in the desert and I sometimes forget to drink enough water. Now I get the pleasure of checking off each glass of water I drink. I mean, who doesn’t love checking things off a list?
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Then there is a list for weekly chores. My roommates and I have our own chores that we need to do each morning so we don’t get demerits, but sometimes we neglect things that get really dirty because it is no one’s chore. I didn’t know dust collected so fast! So now I can have my own weekly chores list to make sure our room is clutter free.
I also love the weekly menu plan. Since I have a meal plan at school, I rarely get the chance to make any of my own meals but I do get to make myself a quick breakfast or snack throughout the day. Instead of listing a meal plan for the week, I use the spaces to track the food I have eaten for the week, almost like a food diary to keep track of the food I’m eating to make sure I am eating healthy.
Menu Planner from "This is My Life" Planners @ #planners #proverbs31 #moms
Another thing I love is that each week is not the same. She includes different lists and pages that go with each week. For this month, there is a Christmas shopping list page and a Christmas menu planner that includes sections for who is going to make what dish, a make ahead schedule, and a shopping list for the foods needed. There are journal and notes pages all throughout the planner so I always have a space to write down quick ideas or anything that comes to mind. Since I am a blogger, I always have blog post ideas running through my head and I have to write them or I will forget them.
Another bonus is that this planner is just so adorable! The colors are so vibrant and all the little details and images are just so cute, I can’t wait to use it every day.

Plus, she even has FREE add-in pages that are compatible with all of the planners. And who doesn’t love free stuff?
Free Printables that coordinate with This is My Life Planners @ #planners #moms
I am excited to get my planner for next year. Hopefully, I will be more organized because of it. I definitely recommend any one of these This Is My Life Planners to anyone. Just take a look at them and find out which one will work for you! Needless to say,  if you aren’t convinced that this is THE ULTIMATE planner, then just check them out for yourself!
Visit Melissa and check out her awesome planners at A Virtuous Woman today!
*All images in this post were used with permission by Melissa Ringstaff.*