Lancaster Baptist Missions Conference Recap


This past week at Lancaster Baptist Church was so amazing. I had the privileged of attending the Missions Conference. Never have I experienced a conference so great as this one. My home church is much smaller than LBC so we only host four missionaries at our conference as opposed to their thirty missionaries and church planters. I learned so much from this conference and I am excited to share a few of the tidbits of truth I have heard.

The conference started on a Saturday night with meeting the missionaries. Pastor Chappell interviewed each missionary briefly as they introduced  their family, field, and future goals. I loved that Pastor Chappell didn’t ask all of the missionaries the same questions so it was really personal to each family.

The conference ran through Tuesday night. Before each evening service each missionary had the opportunity to give a presentation in one of the many classrooms on campus. It was so hard to choose which presentation I wanted to see, so I let my friends choose each night and I just followed. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed with any of the presentations.

One night we got to hear from the pastors and see a video update about the extension chapels of Lancaster Baptist Church. They have chapels in Castaic, Fontana, Taft, and Mojave. It’s so great to be part of a ministry that plants other churches.

It was especially encouraging to me to see so many WCBC graduates at the conference, some of which were sent out of Lancaster Baptist Church. Monday night was a special night for the church because Jonathan Ballou, missionary to Thailand, was ordained. It was such a thrilling experience to see so many great men if God surround him in prayer during the ceremony.

Each message that week was preached by a great man of God – from veteran missionaries to senior pastors of fifty year old churches. I feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to hear these men preach.

Every night we were blessed to hear great music from various groups that were assembled specifically for the conference. We heard the Lancaster Baptist elementary and highschool choirs sing together, the college “Missionary Kid” ensemble, and the final night we heard the International Choir perform.

The college was doubly blesses because, not only did we have shortened classes on Monday and Tuesday (yay!) we also had the conference speakers in our extended chapel services as well as having a several missionaries for our Dorm Devotions each night after the services.

Tidbits of Truth

*The mission of the  church is missions.*
~Lou Baldwin

*Make God’s priority your priority*
~Paul Chappell

As simple as these ideas sound, they are so easy to overlook and forget!

I would like encourage you to listen to the podcasts of the services from the conference, as I am living proof that they will definitely change your life.